Will an AirCard 881 work on a desktop computer?

Answer The Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 can be used in a desktop computer. However, the card is in the Type II PCMCIA (PC card) form, which desktop computers do not have slots for. To use the AirCard 881 i... Read More »

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Does an AirCard work on a desktop computer?

AirCards will work in desktop computers. Most newer AirCards come with a USB connector which simply plugs into the USB port on the desktop computer. Other connectors like PCMCIA can be used by desk... Read More »

Can an AirCard be used on a desktop computer?

An AirCard connects a computer to a 3G or 4G cell network. AirCards come in either PC card, USB or ExpressCard format. To connect an ExpressCard or PC card AirCard to a desktop, use a PCI adapter c... Read More »

Does an air card work on a desktop computer?

As long as you have a USB broadband aircard and your desktop computer has an available USB port, then you can use an aircard on that computer. Ensure the aircard software is compatible with the des... Read More »

Does bluetooth work on a desktop computer with vista?

Bluetooth will work on any computer with Windows Vista because Bluetooth technology is compatible with Vista. Many computers have Bluetooth capabilities already installed. You can add the Bluetooth... Read More »