Will ammonia kill plants?

Answer In lower concentration ammonia actually fertilizes plants, in higher concentrations it will kill them.

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Will ammonia kill mold?

Ammonia will kill mold but not on all surfaces. In a solution of 50 percent clear ammonia and 50 percent water, it will kill mold on hard, nonporous surfaces like glass and countertops, but not on ... Read More »

How do I use ammonia to kill algae in a pool?

PreparationMonitor the pool for green or black growths on the walls or floor or floating on the surface of the water. Immediately check the pH of the water. A pH level of lower than 7.2 is an indi... Read More »

Will Ammonia kill your 11 month old baby?

In the movie "Home Alone" the boy Kevin, is ten.

Does ammonia kill mildew on wood?

Ammonia should not be used to kill mildew on wood because wood is a porous surface and can absorb the ammonia. Ammonia should only be used to kill mildew on hard surfaces such as tiles, countertops... Read More »