Will all 3D movies play on a blue ray DVD?

Answer Yes you can you can youtube the rest

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Can you only play blue-ray movies on a ps3?

You can play Blu-Ray Movies only on a Blue Ray Player and the PS3 is also a Blue-ray player along with a game console. All Blue-ray Players will also play DVDs and CDs and many like the PS3 will up... Read More »

Does PS3 play blue ray movies?

It says so on the box. It says so uin the console itself. It's one of the advertised features. Yes.

Does a playstation 2 play blue ray movies?

No a PS2 can not play Blu-ray discs and can only play CDs and DVDs.

Does playstation 3 play blue-ray movies?

Yes it is one of it's features and it also plays DVDs and upgrades them to the level of your HDTV and Connection. Of course nothing can play a Disc in 1080 P if your HDTV and Connection are set up ... Read More »