Will adding memory speed your computer up?

Answer Adding random access memory (RAM) to your computer is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to speed your computer up. If you notice your computer operating slowly when multiple programs are ... Read More »

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Will adding an external hard drive speed up a computer?

yeah it would, but if the computers that old, its prolly a better investment to get another comp, there not that much now a days lol

How much difference will adding memory to a computer make?

On One Hand: More Memory Usually HelpsAdding memory can speed up your computer in important ways. Adding random access memory (RAM) increases the amount of data the Central Processing Unit (CPU) c... Read More »

Will more memory speed up my computer?

Depends on how much memory you already have and what tasks you are performing on your computer. It should give you some performance gain, but will be more noticeable if your machine is paging a lot... Read More »

Will upgrading memory speed up my computer?

Thats not the only thing, but a good place to start.Go to Tech Depot and see what kind you need and how much you rig will handle. On the left in memory finder when you get there.http://www.techdepo... Read More »