Will adding RAM increase the life of my computer for 2 more years?

Answer RAM increases the ammount of action a PC can take, not it's speed, (that's processor), but even if you maxed out your RAM on your OS, you're only increasing one part of it; so you'd get 2 months if... Read More »

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How can i increase ram speed without adding ram?

Contrary to the answer William F gave, adding RAM WILL speed up your computer. However, you may want to increase your virtual memory. Go to control panel, system properties. Click advanced then per... Read More »

How much does adding a pool and spa increase the value of a home?

Answer I am a Realtor, and in general a pool adds about $10,000 to a property here in Arizona. It may add a little less if the pool is old or needs a lot of work. If you are putting a pool in and s... Read More »

Does adding more memory increase the processor speed in a PC?

Adding memory to a computer does not increase its processor speed. However, because the computer needs memory to store frequently accessed information while programs are running, adding memory can ... Read More »

Does adding moth balls to gas increase milage?

Adding mothballs to the gas tank of an automobile will increase the octane rating of the gasoline that is currently in the vehicle. Higher octane ratings of gasoline result in more miles per gallon... Read More »