Will acupuncture help my TMJ?

Answer I doubt it since the jaw is out of alignment. It didn't help my brother-in-law

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Can acupuncture really help arthritis?

Answer The National Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases Information Clearinghouse acknowledges acupuncture as an established method for stopping arthritis pain for short periods of time... Read More »

Does acupuncture help IBS constipation?

No vigorous double-blind study of acupuncture shows any level of effecacy greater than placebo.There is much anecdotal comments about the use of acupuncture, however. I would recommend consulting ... Read More »

Can acupuncture help me stop nail biting?

I generally refer patients to a qualified psychologist when the patient is looking to change a habitual physical behavior.While acupuncture can often help reduce levels of anxiety and depression th... Read More »

Will acupuncture cure my pins and needles?

as you know ron . i tried that on my whip lash .. well iam still in pain with it .. so may be something else.