Will a'95 Impala SS raise or lower my auto insurance rates?

Answer On One Hand: Depends on How Much your Current Car is WorthThe 2010 Kelly Blue Book value for a 1995 Chevrolet Impala is approximately $9,000. Insurance costs are based primarily on vehicle value. I... Read More »

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How do insurance companies raise rates?

Contrary to prevailing thought, insurance companies cannot raise their rates on a whim. For individual policyholders, rates can increase if a claim has been submitted, but across-the-board rate inc... Read More »

When can a health insurance company raise their rates?

Will a salvaged title raise insurance rates?

Answer yes, to some degree. Any car with a salvage title, (in my opinion as a Broker) should NOT be on the road! Sorry to be so blunt.

If your car is stolen at the mall can your insurance company raise your rates?

Yes, All losses incurred are used to properly evaluate your risk. If you frequent places where vehicles are stolen or even if you live in an area with high accident or vehicle theft rates then this... Read More »