Will a water bottle filled with vodka and oj get me drunk?

Answer Half a water bottle of vodka is enough to get you drunk.

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If I top my dads vodka bottle up with water ( idrunked half) will he notice?

no **** you dumbass ************ u dont know **** about alcohol if your going to fill half it with water, do everyone a favor and shot yourself with your dads gun also

If a baby's bottle is not filled with milk will it cause gas?

Why does a bottle filled with cold water blast when kept in fridge?

Answer Water is an unusual liquid in that it expands as it freezes. This can cause it to break a glass container as the water content freezes.

How much vodka will get me drunk?

My Rooskie landlady always had one guideline: No more or less than 3 shots with dinner if you're going to drink. My advice is to buy a decent bottle (I.E., $20 range) so it's not miserable to sho... Read More »