Will a video card upgrade improve the picture on a computer?

Answer On One Hand: Better video card equals better performanceThe idea that upgrading your video card will result in your computer being able to produce better graphics is an obvious one. If your new vid... Read More »

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How to Upgrade the 32 MB Video Card in a Gateway Computer?

A graphics card is responsible for processing all of the images that appear on your monitor. Much likes other parts to the computer, a GPU (graphics processing unit) has a speed, has memory, and n... Read More »

How to Upgrade a Computer to 128 MB for a DirectX 8.1 Video Card?

Upgrading your computer's video card to a card capable of DX8.1 graphics and 128MB of memory will not bring you to the cutting edge of computer technology, but it will provide an increase in graphi... Read More »

If you have the iPhone 3G will you get picture messaging and video camera with the 3.0 software upgrade?

That would depend on several things. Did you want to buy it new, second hand, rent it or use it on pay as you go.

How often do you have to upgrade a video card?

On One Hand: When the Current Card Has Poor Performance.You may never need to replace the video card in a computer if you never notice that the card is underperforming. Symptoms of an outdated card... Read More »