Will a video CD play in a blu-ray player?

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Can you play an hd-dvd on a standard dvd player, and if so, are there any video anomalies when u play one?

There are disk out there that have DVD on one side and H DVD on the other, but these are few in number. But that just means the disk has both formats on it.And just to the poster above not all DVDs... Read More »

How can I get my DVD player to play video on my new TV I get audio but no video. Can you help please?

You need to use the TV remote control and select the input. Your Yamaha probably doesn't have HDMI connectors. Mine is about 3 years old and it doesn't have them either. SO I connected my DVD pl... Read More »

How Can I Tell If My DVD Player Will Play a Video?

DVD players read digital signals with a laser beam to reproduce the audio and video data recorded on the disc. There are more than a dozen varieties of recordable DVD media, so your player may not ... Read More »

Will an .AVI video play on a dvd player?

Only players that have the DIVX emblem will guarantee AVI playback assuming that the AVI file is Mpeg-4 based the only other use for the AVI file container is usually raw video and raw video takes ... Read More »