Will a vegitarian get sick if they eat meat?

Answer It is unlikely that you would "become ill." If you accidentally consume a bit of meat, you probably would not get sick. If you ate an entire steak, there is a strong possibility that you would su... Read More »

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If you're a vegitarian and you accidentally buy something with meat in it...?

If you become a vegetarian because of religious reason like vows or your religion forbids you to eat meat like the Muslim against pork, then you can feel guilty and may even fall sick just obssesse... Read More »

Picking the meat of pizza as a vegitarian?

I'm not exactly sure what this question is asking, but I've been a vegetarian for three years and I always pick pepperoni or other meat off of my pizza and give it to my parents or my dogs. No worr... Read More »

My vegitarian friend said that if you are a vegetarian that you can save 9 animals a year by not eating meat?

You cannot "save" the animals, anymore than you will save trees by recycling paper. Trees used for paper are not from the rain forest and are not threatened species, they are raised like corn and ... Read More »

If i become a vegtarian and try meat again will i be sick?

If you ate too much in one meal it could make you feel queasy but otherwise you will be fine.Dune