Will a vegetarian diet help me lose weight?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsReplacing meat with nutritious, filling and low-calorie fruits, vegetables, beans and grains can promote weight loss by helping a dieter to feel satisfied on fewer c... Read More »

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Am I fat.. i'm 5'2 138 lbs.. will a vegetarian diet help me to lose weight..?

well u can be vegetarian and eat pizza and french fries and that will not make u lose weight but i think being a vegetarian = less food options wich will limit ur food intake

Can a vegetarian diet actually help lose weight?

Avoid most added-sugar foods and bread, cereal, pasta, cracker, chip type grains/starches in your diet. Eat more fresh whole foods (particularly vegetables), and avoid all processed/refined foods ... Read More »

Will going on a vegetarian diet allow me to lose weight?

Absolutely. No way NOT to lose. Just watch your dairy, eggs which are high in animal protein and fat. Many make the mistake of lowering meat and upping cheese and eggs. Go to youtube for many veg ... Read More »

Will this diet help me lose weight?

Your breakfast is good, with wholemeal toast or weetabix. Also, a snack of fruit.Are you vegetarian that you don't have any protein included? Or even vegan?If you are not vegetarian, then you need ... Read More »