Will a tv antenna pick up wireless internet?

Answer A TV antenna cannot pick up Wi-Fi signals--that is, not without modification. There is no way to connect the antenna to any kind of networking gear without customizing the connections. It can be ... Read More »

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How to Get Free Internet With a Wireless Antenna?

Most laptops sold today come equipped with a wireless antenna that can pick up the radio signals of wireless networks. You can pay for wireless Internet service for your home or get free Internet a... Read More »

How does an antenna pick up tv signals?

The short answer is , metal antenna elements are tuned by length and diameter to resonate at a electro magnetic frequencies of the tv channels. The vibrating electrons vibrate each other , even ove... Read More »

Can a uhf antenna pick up vhf signals as well?

Yes, a UHF antenna can pick up VHF signals, but not well. The size difference makes the uhf antenna "inefficient" for the longer vhf wave length, but some energy can be received by the uhf antenna.

Will a Yagi antenna pick up a digital VHF signal?

Yagi antenna are very good to exceptional at receiving either digital or analog information transmitted in the VHF band (30 MHz to 300 MHz). Yagi antennas, the familiar antennas made of parallel al... Read More »