Will a somewhat major change about the savings of my fafsa be bad?

Answer If I recall correctly, that question says, "As of today, how much do you (or your parents) have in cash saving and checking?"This refers to the day you first filled out the form, this information w... Read More »

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How Should U.S. Savings Bonds Be Input on the FAFSA Form?

U.S. savings bonds are one of the most popular investments for education, but they could end up costing you money due to requirements for reporting them on the Free Application for Federal Student ... Read More »

The Spanish-American War brought about a major change in US foreign policy in that the US?

Will guaifenesin help a somewhat productive, but very persistent cough...if so can I get it without Dr's note?

Yes. It's called Mucinex here in the U.S.

What year did it change from sergeant major general to major general?