Will a protien shake be effective after an hour?

Answer Body needs materials to build muscles. They say your body will use protein within the first 2 hours max to repair your muscles, so you have some window here.However, I think it is better to consume... Read More »

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What time should i drink my protien shake?

Drink one for breakfast and one after your workouts.

Will protien shakes build muscle mass where i didn't work out?

Protein shakes repair the muscles that you have trained. Therefore, it will only affect the muscles that you've trained (:

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After downloading the Sims 3, My computer Shuts Down after an hour of playing. Why?

Since you did not state what your computer is, nor the OS, version and update level, nor whether the downloads were from a reputable site, we can only give a generic answer.The install was either b... Read More »