Will a plastic cup affect the outcome on HPT levels?

Answer A test strip urine test is a home pregnancy test (HPT) where urine in collected a small plastic cup or jar that is most often included with the test kit. Each kit has a different sensitivity to det... Read More »

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How did William t sherman affect the outcome of the civil war?

By trying a completely new strategy after the capture and burning of Atlanta.After a brief and unsuccessful attempt to pursue the Army of Tennessee through the mountains, as ordered by Grant, Sherm... Read More »

Does having a girlfriend affect the outcome of a divorce in missouri?

On One Hand: No-Fault Divorce StateMany states, including Missouri, allow for "no-fault" divorce, which means that when petitioning for a marriage dissolution, neither party can blame or fault the ... Read More »

How do developmental levels relate to nutritional needs of children at different ages and How do the developmental levels affect the eating process for children?

How does Topamax affect B12 levels?

Topamax is the brand name for topiramate, an anticonvulsant drug. Topamax, like some other anticonvulsants, may cause vitamin B12 deficiency, which can be successfully treated.UsesTopamax is primar... Read More »