Will a plastic cup affect the outcome on HPT levels?

Answer A test strip urine test is a home pregnancy test (HPT) where urine in collected a small plastic cup or jar that is most often included with the test kit. Each kit has a different sensitivity to det... Read More »

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How did William t sherman affect the outcome of the civil war?

By trying a completely new strategy after the capture and burning of Atlanta.After a brief and unsuccessful attempt to pursue the Army of Tennessee through the mountains, as ordered by Grant, Sherm... Read More »

Does having a girlfriend affect the outcome of a divorce in missouri?

On One Hand: No-Fault Divorce StateMany states, including Missouri, allow for "no-fault" divorce, which means that when petitioning for a marriage dissolution, neither party can blame or fault the ... Read More »

How do developmental levels relate to nutritional needs of children at different ages and How do the developmental levels affect the eating process for children?

If I eat 1 meal everyday for 6 weeks what will the outcome be?