Will a plant grow in the dark?

Answer Plants manufacture their own food through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis requires the input of light to drive the synthesis of sugar which the plant metabolizes for energy. Without sufficient light... Read More »

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Which plant will grow faster the one in the Sun in a dark closet in partial light or in artificial light?

In a dark closet because the plant will want to find sunlight so it grows upwards quickly to try and find the sunlight

Will a monstera plant regrow if you trim it back And will the cut off piece grow roots if planted?

Depends what you mean by trim back. If there is a growth bud left on the stem then yes it should grow back given the right conditions. I the cutting is treated properly then it should root quite ea... Read More »

Will a seed grow faster in the dark or light?

Whether seeds are grown in the presence of light or not, they will still germinate, yet some seeds prefer one more than the other. This depends on the type of plant you are trying to grow. For in... Read More »

Will a lima bean grow better in the dark or in sunlight?

Lima beans will grow faster in the dark but they will have fewer leaves and look spindly. They grow better in sunlight. Moderate temperatures are needed for growing, and the growing season is from ... Read More »