Will a pirated windows 2010 affect my computer?

Answer Although I have an ethical issue with using pirated software, you can load the disk and have your antivirus and antimalware (preferably Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) scan it separately. But as a colle... Read More »

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How to Install Microsoft Security Essentials on Pirated Windows?

That should be a problem, because of WGA right? I think you read this too :Pirating Windows? No free Security Essentials for you! Don't worry it's not a problem at all.

If i install Windows XP on a Windows 98 computer will the computer break?

no, it's fine do itwith the money bill gates has and the monopoly that microsoft has trust me windows will never cause your computer to break, just run very slowYou can actually install windows 98 ... Read More »

I have a few windows update that failed to install. Would it affect my computer?

Not really no. It won't affect your ability to use the machine at all. They are probably just security updates for something which you are unlikely to ever come across.

I have a pirated version of Windows XP. How can I install software that require genuine validitaion ?

Buy a windows Xp SPS2 Home for Rs. 3500/- from retailer or what ever source. trurst me it will be great or u can go for Vista Home Basic. ORAsk any of ... Read More »