Will a person who lives in New Jersey pay more auto insurance than a person who lives in Indiana?

Answer Answer the answer is GO TO A FREAK"IN AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY!

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How do you find out where a person lives by using there cell phone number?

The easiest way is to call and ask. You can try a site like but even if their number is listed it will still only give you the town, not any specific details.

Ok i am 14 and i live in CO i want to be adopted by someone who lives in VA. is it possible for this person to adopt me would it cost anything if so how much?

Who has jurisdiction in a divorce if one person lives in oklahoma&the other in washington state?

Both Oklahoma and Washington have jurisdiction in a divorce cases, provided each spouse has resided in the respective state long enough to satisfy residency requirements set forth in the specific f... Read More »

Days of Our Lives... who is your least favorite person and most favorite person?

Stefano DiMera has been my favorite character since he came to Salem in the 1980s.I also like these:Alice HortonTom HortonMaggie HortonDoug WilliamsJulie WilliamsBo BradyTony DiMeraSteven "Patch" J... Read More »