Will a pell grant pay for online college?

Answer As long as the college is regionally accredited your pell grant should cover it. I would also recommend contacting a number of schools to find out if they offer any additional financial aid program... Read More »

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Can You Get a Pell Grant for Online Schools?

You can receive a Pell Grant to attend college online. The doors of online education are opening up for many people as the number of colleges eligible for federal financial aid for online classes i... Read More »

How can I sign up for a pell grant online? is the legitimate site--watch out for 'sponsored results' There is NEVER any charge for filing for financial aid.If this is the first time you are applying, it is poss... Read More »

How to Become a Teacher Online With a Pell Grant?

You are determined to return to college and pursue your dream of becoming a teacher, but money and time seem steadfast obstacles. blocks. Co-workers who are continuing their education insist that s... Read More »

For Anyone In College!! : What can you spend your federal pell grant on?

Bob:As you probably already know, your Pell grant funds will be disbursed directly to your school - they get first crack at the money.When your school receives your Pell, they'll use those funds to... Read More »