Will a pap smear check for herpes?

Answer A pap smear is a procedure used to check women for cervical abnormalities that might indicate cancerous cells. Genital herpes, however, is found through viral cultures of a sore, a blood test or a ... Read More »

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Can a pap smear detect herpes?

Pap smears do not detect herpes. It's possible your healthcare provider may notice herpes lesions during your pap smear, but viral cultures and blood tests are what you need to confirm herpes. A no... Read More »

Do pap smears check for herpes?

Pap smears do not check for herpes. Pap smears check for abnormal cervical cells and human papillomavirus (HPV). Your health care provider might notice herpes lesions during your pap smear and perf... Read More »

Will the baby have herpes when it born if the mother have herpes?

If the baby is born via c-section, then it probably will not be infected. If it is born via the vagina, then the infection may be passed to the baby.

Is eczema the same as genital herpes Or are they the same strand of herpes?

Eczema and herpes are totally different things, they are not related to each other.To know for sure what the rash is you should see a doctor.You would have to have shingles in order to have herpes ... Read More »