Will a mouse die after giving birth?

Answer Not usually but just like humans they can have complications and die, it is not a common occurrence though.

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How long will you bleed for after giving birth?

After delivering a child you will bleed for 6 weeks or longer. It is called lochia and it will slow down and diminish during the 6 weeks from a bright red to a dark brown. If you are referring to h... Read More »

How long will a female dog bleed after giving birth?

Bleeding should stop after she begins nursing the pups, except for some seepage. If it keeps up longer than a day, check with your vet.

What will happen to those girls who play sex after a month of giving birth?

If you mean 'have sex after birthing'... then it really depends on the birthing experience and how the woman has reacted to that - mentally, emotionally and physically.Most people will say 6 weeks ... Read More »

Why is my cat throwing up after giving birth?

Anyone who has a cat knows that throwing up is part of the package. It may be a common occurrence, caused by hairballs or eating too fast. However, if the cat is a new mother, it could be more seri... Read More »