Will a modem make my computer run faster?

Answer On One Hand: A Modem is For Connecting, Not for SpeedA modem is a device that lets your computer connect with the Internet, either via a dial-up connection, a DSL connection or by broadband cable m... Read More »

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How Can You Make a 56K Modem Run Faster?

Those who use dial-up services to connect to the Internet likely have a 56K modem. While these modems are used less now than earlier thanks to the availability of faster Internet connections, there... Read More »

Programs to Make a Modem Download Faster?

Accelerator programs increase Internet download speeds using a number of technologies. According to PCWorld, most programs work by compressing graphics, text and other Internet elements. In additio... Read More »

Will using faster ddr2 make my computer faster?

Yes, using faster DDR2 RAM will make your computer faster. But, according to the results of a RAM speed test done at the Tom's Hardware website, using mainstream DDR2 RAM, such as DDR2-800 or 1066 ... Read More »

How Can I Connect My Computer to My DSL Modem & Make it Wireless?

Connecting your computer to your DSL connection and establishing a wireless connection is best accomplished with a device known as a wireless router. This will enable you to broadcast a wireless si... Read More »