Will a misdemeanor for unlawful assembly prevent me from teaching preschool?

Answer Find a link to your states day care regulations. It will tell you if misdemeanors are ok or not. You should tell them at the interview or before the screen, be remorseful b/c it WILL come up on the... Read More »

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Preschool Teaching?

Preschool teachers do not make a whole lot. However, those that teach Headstart do tend to make a little more as do those who teach at private schools. Having a degree definately helps especially i... Read More »

Will a bad oxygen sensor prevent a car from starting?

On One Hand: Basic FunctionA car's oxygen sensor relays information from the engine to the control module. This information affects how much fuel is sent to the engine based on the fuel and air mix... Read More »

Will a warrant prevent me from getting a passport?

Before a passport can be issued, the applicant's name is run through a central name-check system. U.S. federal or state law enforcement may refuse to issue a passport to an individual who has a fed... Read More »

Will Charcoal tablets prevent me from vomiting?

It should be very helpful as the charcoal will absorb fluids and help neutralize acids. But, I've also heard of people say they begin to become dependent upon them, so try and vary your remedies. ... Read More »