Will a mac mini work with a non mac moniter?

Answer The Mac Mini, right out of the box, will work with any monitor that has a DVI jack (a miniDVI-to-DVI adapter is included in the box packaging). The Mac Mini also has a miniDisplayPort, so it will ... Read More »

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Will a LG GP08LU10 work with a mini Mac?

The LG GP08LU10 external DVD burner works with the Mac Mini. When used on a Mac, the GP08LU10 requires Mac OS X, a 20GB hard drive and at least 256 MB of RAM. All Mac Mini models fulfill these requ... Read More »

Will the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini unlocked work with Straight Talk?

I am a Straight Talk customer who is very familiar with their products and services, though I very honestly do not have experience with the Samsung Galaxy S III mini specifically. That said, Wal-Ma... Read More »

Will blu ray playback on a 21.5 inch iMac work by plugging the one end of the hdmi cable from the blu ray player into the iMac's mini display port using an hdmi to mini displayport adaptor?

no the display port is an output so that would just connect two outputs together

Will Quicken work on a mini Mac?

Quicken makes a version of its software for Mac computers. If your Mac Mini is Intel-based, you will be able to use the latest version of Quicken. The software also requires that your Mac Mini is ... Read More »