Will a leaf blower work for hovercraft propulsion?

Answer On One Hand: A Leaf Blower Will WorkA leaf blower will work for hovercraft propulsion. In fact, hovercrafts powered by leaf blowers are common science projects in many schools. Air forced out by th... Read More »

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How to Work a Leaf Blower?

Leaf blowers are very useful tools for any gardener, landscaper, or homeowner with a large lawn. Leaf blowers allow you to collect large amounts of leaves with minimal time and effort, leaving your... Read More »

If I chased you with a leaf blower would you run?

Yes, I guess I'd have to leave early! GRIN Happy St Patrick's day for Tuesday!

Who makes the best leaf blower?

On One Hand: Toro Ultra Blower VacThe Toro Ultra Blower Vac is an electric blower with a cord and a 12-amp motor. The blower is lighter and more powerful than the majority of gas-powered blowers. T... Read More »

Best leaf blower\vacuum?