Will a job affect my financial aid for college?

Answer It shouldn't effect your financial aid that much it really depends on how much money you make.

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If I marry,as a college student, will I receive more or less financial aidAny changes that may affect me?

If you are currently a dependent student (have to list your parents on your FAFSA) then once you get married you wouldn't have to list their information - just you and your spouse. Sometimes it wi... Read More »

Will my dad getting a raise affect the family contribution of my financial aid?

For one, it would effect the school year beginning August 2009. If your dad's raise is less than $10,000 a year, then I sincerely doubt it would raise your EFC at all.

How will the current financial crisis affect property prices in Australia?

Forget about the crisis. Do your homework and research the prices and get yourself a reputable agent (selling) or you could get a buying agent but there are fees. Now is a good time to buy if you c... Read More »

Does how I use my financial aid money for first year community college affect my 2nd year amount (CA)?

The money is yours to cover expenses, including living expenses. That means that once you have it you can spend it on whatever you consider a living expense. You will not be asked where the money w... Read More »