Will a hp printer work in a dell computer?

Answer Yes. As long as you have the printer drivers (should be on the cd that came with the printer itself) installed and a usb cord for the printer to connect to the cpu.You can also go the http://www.h... Read More »

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What kind of printer will work with my dell computer?

Almost all printers will work with your computer. You do not have to buy a dell printer. ( dell printers are made by other manufacturers anyway) as long as you have a spare usb port.If you want the... Read More »

Will a Dell printer work on Windows 98?

Yes, it will, if you have a compatible printer driver installed. The Dell website offers free downloads of all its printer drivers; be aware, however, that not every Dell printer model has a Window... Read More »

Does a hewlett-packard printer work with a dell computer?

As long as your Dell computer has a Windows Vista (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows XP (SP1 or higher [32-bit]) or Windows 7 operating system, then Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers will function with your co... Read More »

Will a Dell recovery CD work on any computer?

On One Hand: Windows is InstallableOwners of Dell computers who have a recovery CD may notice that the disc looks very much like a Windows install disk. Because the CD contains an installation copy... Read More »