Will a home owners policy cover a motorcycle burned in a fire?

Answer If the motorcycle was inside the garage of the house, most likely it will be covered. Check your policy.

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I had some stuff stolen at my girlfriends house in my vihicle. Will her home owners insrance cover it?

The only way they would cover it would be if she was negligent in any way. For example; if she didn't properly secure the vehicle. You would have a liability claim against her.

Can home owners policy insurance be dropped?

Sure, If you don't need it anymore no since paying for it.

Is liability insurance automatic with home owners policy?

No, It's not automatic. Most standard Homeowners Insurance Policies do contain some liability coverage but not all companies do that. Many homeowners can and do choose not to buy the liability cove... Read More »

What does a homeowner's fire policy insurance cover?

Insurance provides for financial-contingency planning. Fire insurance provides cash benefits to insured homeowners in the event of fire damage. In exchange, homeowners pay premiums to insurers. Spe... Read More »