Will a green wall work as a green screen?

Answer Possibly - why not try it?

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How to Attach a Green Screen to a Wall?

Green screens allow graphics to be added to a filmed broadcast, either in post-production or in the case of newscasts in real time. Green screens, so named because quite literally they're a blank f... Read More »

Should you paint the ceiling and trim the same but darker green color when painting the wall a light natural green?

Traditional decorating thought says you should not paint a ceiling anything but white. Don't listen... but do be aware of what effect you will get. 1) If your walls are a light natural green and ... Read More »

Why does my cameras screen green, and why do the pics have a green tint everytime i take a picture?

Green is usually caused when you shoot under fluorescent lighting with the white balance set to bright sun.The question is this.Does the green image show up on both the cameras LCD and your compute... Read More »

How can i make a green screen using a physical object that i cannot apply green too?

You may not have to depending on what you're trying to do. If you won't have any actors or objects moving around directly in front of the billboard, but just want to replace the image on it, then ... Read More »