Is it normal to have a sharp pain in your pelvic area in the middle of peeing and then stop peeing if your pregnant Is this a sign of tubal pregnancy?

Answer Answer That sounds more like a urinary tract infection. You should probably see your doctor so that you can clear it up. It won't clear up without antibiotics.

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Is it still possible to be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates inside and afteryou have sex you go and pee are you peeing out the sperm or could you still be pregnant?

AnswerYes, you could still be pregnant. urinating after words has no effect on getting all the sperm out. If this happened recently and you think you may be pregnant but it has not been more than 7... Read More »

HELP I WAS PEEING BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

You absolutely have a bladder/Urinary tract infection. I had one recently and experienced the drops of blood, which was a HUGE warning sign. Drink lots of water to make it less painful to urinate... Read More »

I got hit in the kidney a week ago, now I'm peeing blood. Should I go to the doctor?

Actually, I'm surprised that it took a week to pee blood. Sounds like it should have happened immediately. You know the old saying, "nothing brings them in faster to the doctor than peeing blood!... Read More »

Can she get me pregnant if shes a 'squirter'?

bloody hell, i quit, i'm gonna go to lunch and rabe the hubs in the back seat on the back lot in the company parkin' lot....first slip 'n slide pu$$y and now squirty images.....DAMITT, i'm too preg... Read More »