Will a fully hd DVD player work on a hd ready telly?

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Will an iPad 3 you buy in the US work fully in the UK?

An iPad that you buy in the US will be just as functional as one you buy in the UK. Remember that you have to get a power plug that works in the UK.

Will a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player work on my TV?

Yes, it will work, in 1080i through your component imput. The details will not look as great as with a comparable 65" 1080p, but Blu-Ray/HD-DVD will look better in your TV than most HDTV channels. ... Read More »

Will a normal indoor telly ariel be enough to get the freeview hd channels or do i need one on the roof?

If you are already receiving the Freeview channels without any problems then you will also receive the Freeview HD ones without problems. There is nothing "magic" about Freeview HD so the same aeri... Read More »

Will a hd DVD player work with a non hd tv?