Will a double shot of whisky get me a little drunk?

Answer Like susan said you'll get a little "buzzed" but not drunk. Your just going to feel a little warm and happy.

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How much whisky does it take to get slightly drunk?

For your first time giving it a go you really wont need that much to get you tipsy. Probably a glass or two of wine will do, whiskey/spirits will get you messed up and your parents will probably fi... Read More »

Would half a bottle of whisky get me very drunk?

Half a bottle is about 10 or 11 shots....ok if you drink it over 2-3 hours,any faster than that you will be unconcious in the emergency ward.

I've never had anything to drink. Is a shot enough to get me drunk?

If you don't want to DON'T! You have a right to do w/your body what you choose don't let anyone push you! One shot may or may not get you drunk depends what it is and how your body handles alcohol.

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