Will a direct tv dvr work with dish network?

Answer All Direct TV's Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are designed to only work with the Direct TV satellite system. Direct TV's DVRs are not compatible with the Dish Network and cannot be used with a Dis... Read More »

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Will a Dish network dish work with a Direct TV receiver?

Will a 3 LNB Direct TV dish work with a Dish Network receiver?

Probably not. Depending on what equipment and Dish programming you have, you will need a Dish LNB pointing to the correct satellite orbitals. If you are a new or qualified returning customer, you c... Read More »

Will a direct TV satellite antenna work with dish network?

The dish itself can be used but the LNB has to be a Dish LNB. Our receivers will not work without our LNB. Thanks.

Will a LNb from dish network work for direct tv?

No, there is a receiver in between.An LNB is a 'Low Noise Block'. The 'block' refers to a block of frequencies (not a magic box).It is a low noise amplifier and converter. It changes the microwaves... Read More »