Will a digital converter box replace an antenna?

Answer On One Hand: Analog TelevisionsOlder analog televisions (purchased before March 2007) require a digital converter box to be connected between the TV and the antenna to receive any signal. The digit... Read More »

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Do you have a GOOD indoor antenna connected to an analog-to-digital converter box If so, which antenna model?

I've seen these extensively reviewed in another forum. The top choice if all of your digital stations are on UHF (most of them are, even those with "VHF" channel numbers like 3.1, 6.2, etc.) is th... Read More »

What is the best antenna for digital TV Converter box?

What makes the best choice for an antenna doesn't have anything to do with the type of converter box you have.The type of antenna you pick has to do with your distance from the tv stations you want... Read More »

Should you use UHF antenna with digital converter box or VHF?

You need a VHF/UHF antenna (channels 2 to 60 ). Check out:

Do you need an antenna with a digital converter box?

You will need an antenna for digital television reception if you have an analog-to-digital converter box. In order to receive and display over-the-air digital programming, you must use an antenna t... Read More »