Will a desktop ethernet card work in a laptop?

Answer Laptops are compact, making them unable to accommodate a full-sized ethernet network card traditionally found in a desktop computer. Most desktop ethernet network cards require an expansion slot su... Read More »

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How to Ethernet a Desktop & a Laptop?

Home networks are becoming more prevalent as more users access the Internet from multiple computers in their homes. One of the most common ways of setting up a network is to simply connect each com... Read More »

I own desktop. Recieved wireless system for laptop. Everything is compatible with desktop except PC card. HELP?

It depends on what kind of connection your wireless router accepts. If it accepts 802.11 B and 802.11 G (the most common ones) then you can get any card that is B or G. You need a PCI card or a USB... Read More »

Will a 2.0 Wi-Fi USB card work with a 1.1 USB port laptop?

Yes, a Wi-Fi USB 2.0 card will work with a USB 1.1 laptop. USB 2.0 is backward compatible with USB 1.1, and USB 1.1 is forward compatible with USB 2.0. Unless your specific Wi-Fi adapter states it ... Read More »

Will my wireless pre-N laptop card work with Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is becoming a recognized, major operating system that automatically recognizes many wireless devices. Check the manufacturer's website for Ubuntu specific drivers and instructions. Otherwise... Read More »