Will a debt reduction program ruin your credit score?

Answer Debt-reduction programs often entail aggressive strategies for debt settlement at a very low percentage of the amounts owed. While this can help you get out of debt quickly, creditors may leave a n... Read More »

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Can Reduction in a Home Equity Line of Credit Affect My Credit Score?

A home equity line of credit is a type of secured revolving credit that uses your home's equity -- the value of the home minus mortgage owed -- as collateral. In certain cases, your lender may deci... Read More »

How do I negotiate a reduction in credit card debt?

Review Your FinancesDetermine how much you can afford to pay either in a lump sum or in monthly payments to the account. Consider borrowing additional funds or delaying payments of other bills to i... Read More »

How Does Credit Card Debt Reduction Work?

You have many options when considering credit card debt reduction. The basic premise behind reducing your credit card debt is to lower the amount you have to pay either by lowering your interest pa... Read More »

Can requesting a credit reduction affect a credit score?

Requesting a reduction in your credit limit lowers your amount of available credit when compared to the amount of debt you carry--known as your "debt utilization ratio." Lowering your debt utilizat... Read More »