Will a converter be needed for HDTV antennas?

Answer Since digital television became standard in June 2009, analog TVs (usually older models) have required a digital converter to display broadcast television. A digital converter box includes a digita... Read More »

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Is an HD converter box needed with an HDTV?

Almost all new high-definition televisions manufactured after March 1, 2007, will have a built-in high-definition tuner. A high-definition converter box is not needed with these TVs. With older hig... Read More »

Will you need an HDTV converter if you have satellite?

TV satellites broadcast in two digital formats: standard and high definition. If you're looking to receive high definition broadcasts, you'll need an HD satellite receiver and an HDTV. You can rece... Read More »

Will an indoor HDTV antenna work with an analog TV and converter?

An indoor HDTV antenna will work with an analog TV and digital-to-analog converter box. However, some HDTV antennas do not work well below channel seven. Read the specifications for your antenna to... Read More »

Will your Sentry universal remote work on a Magnavox hdtv converter box?

you actually cannot just place it in a room because the back of the unit blows out hot air produces from the machine itself. Also water builds up in the unit and the fan blade cause it to spit out ... Read More »