Will a condensed fluorescent bulb work as a grow light for garden?

Answer Only if you buy a "full spectrum" of "grow light" type of compact bulb.

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How do I install a fluorescent light bulb?

Installing a Fluorescent LightbulbLift the fluorescent lightbulb gently up to the light fixture. Line up the two prongs at the end of the bulb with the opening in the fixture. Slide the prongs into... Read More »

How much light does a t-5 fluorescent bulb produce?

At 104 lumens (measurement of light intensity) per watt, the standard T5 fluorescent lamp is a highly-efficient fluorescent light source. The output of a 4 foot T5 lamp produces 2,900 lumens.Refere... Read More »

How do i remove a fluorescent light bulb?

Turn off the power to the light, then remove the cover from the light fixture by unscrewing or unsnapping it. Grasp the light bulb and apply counterclockwise pressure until it turns. Rotate the bul... Read More »

What is inside a fluorescent light bulb?

There are two main parts inside a fluorescent light bulb: a tube (also called the bulb) containing argon and mercury vapor, and electrodes at both ends of the fluorescent tube. The inside of the bu... Read More »