Will a condensed fluorescent bulb work as a grow light for garden?

Answer Only if you buy a "full spectrum" of "grow light" type of compact bulb.

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Will regular fluorescent bulbs work for grow lights?

Although they are not the best "grow lights," standard fluorescent bulbs produce a full spectrum of light that will satisfy the requirements of most plants. Fluorescents are best for plants with ve... Read More »

I bought a fluorescent light at ace hardware 15 watt will that work for my pot plant?

How does a fluorescent light bulb light up?

The majority of people in the industrialized world have spent hours working, shopping and studying under fluorescent light. Despite this, fluorescent technology is largely unnoticed in our daily li... Read More »

How do I replace a fluorescent light bulb?

Tube Fluorescent BulbsLift, tilt and remove the translucent "diffuser" panel covering the bulb with the light switched off. Grasp the bulb, and turn it clockwise to change the prong's position with... Read More »