Will a computer explode if turned on too long?

Answer no it will not the insides will melt and shortcircuit the thing leave you with a smoky mess that will not work but it will not blow up

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I just turned on my computer and it's making long beeping sounds.?

if that is a desktop pc, check on the connections. if it wouldn't work still, open the CPU and look for the memory...the long slender hardware with lots of microchips on it. try to eject and put it... Read More »

When you turned off your computer then its does not turned off but its restart why?

maybe you are accidently hitting restart or you have you computer programed to do that.

Can A Car Explode If Left On Idle for Too Long?

If the car is otherwise sound, i.e. no mechanical problems then no, there is virtually no chance that is would explode. Now if it is not mechanically sound, i.e. very low coolant level, fuel leaks... Read More »

My power went out while my computer was in and when I turned the computer back on the moniter said no signal?

Got anti surge protection between the wall socket and your computer and equipment?If not, then it looks like you have blown something.More than likely the video card or something on the motherboard... Read More »