Will a cervical herniated disk heal on its own?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional TreatmentsAccording to the Mayo Clinic, a herniated disk will heal in nine out of 10 people with moderate treatment. This includes modifying body movements to avoid creatin... Read More »

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What will heal a herniated cervical disc?

A herniated cervical disc occurs when the outer covering of the disc cartilage ruptures and the jelly-like nucleus exerts pressure on the spinal nerves. This can cause neck pain and even numbness i... Read More »

When does a cervical herniated disk require surgery?

On One Hand: Never; Other Options ExistTo have surgery on a herniated cervical disc is always a choice. Non-surgical treatment options include rest, cold therapy, neck collar, anti-inflammatory med... Read More »

What is a cervical herniated disc?

The discs on the cervical vertebra act as cushions between the bones of the spine in the neck region. Herniation of these discs on the cervical spine may cause potential risks for various debilitat... Read More »

What does a cervical herniated disc look like?

A herniated cervical disc is a cushioning disc between two neck bones (vertebrae) that has ruptured and lost its structural integrity. This type of injury resembles a punctured tire or a jelly doug... Read More »