Will a camera set off a metal detector at a rock concert?

Answer Most concerts aren't that strict on the no cameras rule and they usually let it go. If there are metal detectors, they won't hurt your camera so don't worry about that. The worst that can happen is... Read More »

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Will clothes with metal snaps make the airport metal detector go off?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) must follow certain guidelines when screening passengers through metal detectors. You should avoid wearing clothing containing significant amounts o... Read More »

Can a digital camera go through a metal detector at airport?

Mostly not because i think that it has metal in it, and second off the batteries in there (i know from 2 weeks ago experience) or batteries period will set off the alarm, no...i dont think it will ... Read More »

Will DVDs set a metal detector off in an airport?

The Transportation Security Administration does not list DVDs or CDs (which contain aluminum) as items which could potentially set off metal detectors. However, for the sake of safety and speed at ... Read More »

What will a metal detector do to a laptop?

Taking a laptop through a metal detector can cause damage to the hard drive. The metal detector can also ruin any magnetic component of the computer. Both hand wand metal detectors and walk-through... Read More »