Will a camcorder made for xp work with vista?

Answer my miniDV cameras have been used with Windows 98SE through Vista. there is no compatibility issue. now software is different. Your favorite video editing program may not be acceptable to Vista. I ... Read More »

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How to make camcorder vista compatible?

WIll my Sony handycam DCR-HC-42E work with vista through firewire there are no usb streaming vista drivers!?

No - thats because you do not need USB drivers - or anything to do with USB.Your camcorder has an i-link (AKA 'Firewire' , 'IEEE1394', 'DVport' ) and that is what you should be using to transfer ... Read More »

My camcorder will not connect to my windows vista laptop?

It won't work to USB but if you have a DV to Firewire Card it will Work thanks

How do I import movies from my sony mini dv camcorder to windows vista Please help?

"I am connected using a firewire to usb."These don't work!!! You'll need to capture the video via firewire rather than USB - if your PC hasn't already got one you'll need to install a firewire car... Read More »