Will a burned DVD from Canada play in England?

Answer If you did a custom burn, most software likes to leave it region-free. If you want to be sure, try this software. http://www.dvddecrypter.comFor that matter, your friend in England could just use t... Read More »

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How To Move to Canada From England?

Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants each year to meet its economic needs and offset its aging population. In 2009, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reported accepting 500,000 permanent ... Read More »

Is it lawful to transport gold bars from England to Canada?

It is not unlawful to transport gold bars into Canada. Canadian customs requires incoming travelers to declare currency or monetary instruments, such as gold bars, that are greater than or equal to... Read More »

What Blue ray DVD players will play burned DVD discs?

No there are many that have have information on individual Blu Ray disc releases like for North America. The Blu-Ray Disc Association continues to promote and develop the business opport... Read More »

I will be visiting Canada soon - want to take a couple of dvds for my hosts. Will they play on their machine?

YES, CANADA as well as NORTH AMERICA are considered REGION 1. You should have no trouble. If you were going to Asia or Europe then you'd have problems.