Will a broken blood vessel be caused by high blood pressure?

Answer Yes

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How is a broken blood vessel in your eye caused?

One way is by getting a black eye/ being hit or contacted in the eye. I dont really know any other ways but suction can do it and being unhealthy

Is it true that blood thinning herbs can increase blood pressure and cause eye vessel bursts?

I don't think it's like that, okei. Pressure build-up is due to a blockage in the vein and that's what causes it to burst. Keeping blood thin is good and that's why taking an aspirin each day is... Read More »

Can high blood pressure be caused by marijuana?

Yes it can cause high blood pressure and so many other disorders !

Can nervous feeling caused high blood pressure?

lot of stress, tension, anxiety etc. can cause hypertension, due to which you can't sleep properly at night, which in long term may cause blood pressure and lot more a happy life, whi... Read More »