Will a blu ray player play on a 720p hdtv?

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How to Play 720P HDTV X264 on TV?

High definition video files encoded in the X264 format have the extension .MKV. This high quality format naturally lends itself to content recorded in either 720p or 1080p high definition. If you w... Read More »

I bought a 720p HDTV but when I go on a HD channel it says the picture is 1080i is 720p and 1080i the same thi?

1080i is HD also but 720P is technically a better picture. You should be able to set your cable or satellite box to 720P in the setup menu and do the same with your TV. It will now default to 720... Read More »

Will a 1080p DVD player work on a 720p TV?

Most 720p TVs will accept a 1080p signal and downsize it to match their resolutions. For the few that will not, you can set many Blu-Ray players to downsize their output signal to match your TV.Re... Read More »

Will a future 1440p hdtv and 1440p blu ray disc player play 1080p movies in 1440p?