Will a better video card improve Fraps screen recording performance?

Answer upgrading your graphic card can improve recording performance.Graphic card is very important for game recording.Fraps takes a lot of resources when recording, so you can't get a good FPS count.If y... Read More »

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How to get Fraps recording device all in one video?

Hi Jacob, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: If you are recording in HiDef or other high-quality, uncompressed setting, and your gaming sessions last any significant amount of time, the video files will... Read More »

Is there a free screen recording program like Fraps?

I'll be honest and say that there are free alternatives to fraps, but none of them are as good quality/easy and simple to use as fraps. WeGame used to be really good but for some reason the downloa... Read More »

Will a Sound Card Improve Gaming Performance?

Though most computer games can run in a basic form on computers without sound cards, sound cards are an essential part of the gaming experience for most computer games. Sound makes playing games a ... Read More »

Does recording a video in Full HD make the sound quality better than if you were recording in the 240p / 360p?

canon specifies linear (uncompressed) stereo audio for this camera, so it should have best audio for all video options. that being said, you still won't be able to record longer than 1 hour at a t... Read More »