Will a bad cold control thermostat stop refrigerator from cooling?

Answer Yes a bad cold control will not let the compresser come on to check bypass cold control if compresser comes on replace cold control.

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Will a programmable thermostat reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption?

AnswerYes, programmable thermostats can reduce the energy used for air conditioning or heating by 5 to 30%. Programmable thermostats save money by turning the air conditioner to a higher setting (o... Read More »

Are you saving energy if you have unplugged your refrigerator and are cooling it with ice made by the winter cold and on warm weeks you make ice in your EnergyStar chest freezer?

Answer yes of course....just a few cents a day but it will add up... but is it really worth it ?

Refrigerator and freezer will not get cold anymore.?

If turning it up again then she will need a service person.

If I keep the refrigerator door opened and switch it on, will the entire room get cold?

No. The air immediately in front of the opened door will be cooler but, take a look at the back of your refrigerator. That grill is there to release the heat taken from inside the refrigerator into... Read More »