Will a Sony DUALSHOCK 2 work on a PlayStation 1?

Answer The Sony DUALSHOCK 2 controller for the PlayStation 2 works with the PlayStation 1 as well. However, the controller buttons do not have pressure-sensitivity when the controller is used with the Pla... Read More »

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Will a Sony PlayStation remote work with a Sony Blu-ray player?

Although Sony makes both the PlayStation and a separate Blu-ray player, the PlayStation remote is not compatible with the stand alone Blu-ray player. The PS3 uses bluetooth technology, while the Bl... Read More »

Will a Sony Dual Shock 2 work on a PlayStation 1?

Yes, the Dual Shock 2 works on a Playstation 1 system. Just plug the controller into the PS1 controller port and press the analog button to turn the analog function "On" or "Off" for specific games... Read More »

Who invented Sony PlayStation?

The Sony PlayStation was originally a joint endeavor made by Sony and Nintendo as an add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The head of the project was Sony's Ken Kutaragi, creator of ... Read More »

Can you use a light gun with Sony PlayStation 3?

The Sony PlayStation 3 is capable of utilizing a light gun peripheral for certain games designed to use it, like Namco's "Time Crisis 4," which comes bundled with the "GunCon 3" light gun controlle... Read More »