Will a Quart of Automotive Paint Cover a Hood & Fender?

Answer One quart of automotive paint is almost a liter of liquid. While this sounds like a lot, it is important to know how much surface area of your car it will actually cover.

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If it took 2/5 gallon of paint to cover 282 sqft of wall in tom's garage, how much more paint will he need?

2/5 gallon of paint = .4 a gallon of paint. 282 sqft divided by .4 = 70.5 x 10 = 705 423sqft / 705 = .6 or 3/5 gallon of paint

What is automotive hood insulation made of?

Automobile hood insulation is used as a sound dampener and fire retardant. The material varies depending on the manufacturer, but usually consists of either fiberglass matting or closed cell vinyl-... Read More »

How many square feet will a gallon of latex paint cover?

You can expect most paints, including latex paints, to cover around 400 square feet of surface per gallon. Latex paints has several advantages over other varieties of paint, including its resistanc... Read More »

What Type of Paint Will Cover a Plastic Picture Frame?

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect frame in the perfect color, but the slick surface of plastic makes it difficult for some paints to adhere. With the right paint, you can easily transf... Read More »